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Trivia mirc

Trivia mirc

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electricianwichitaks.com trivia-mrc. trivia-mrc is a simple trivia bot written in mIRC script. Installation. Put src/electricianwichitaks.com in your mIRC directory and run the following. Trivia game chat using mirc, playing in trivia chat with mirc is probably the easiest way to play the game. This is a step by step guide of how to set up the client. Need an IRC Trivia Bot for the mIRC IRC Client. Trivia Bot by Tigger has several games and features to make your Trivia Channel the best on your IRC network.

13 Aug type /trivia to configure,!trivia to play!answer to answer and!quit to quit! fun trivia game! if Colors are blocked wont work properally!!. 1 Mar Trivia game this is the first script I'm posting I couldn't find a good trivia script so I made my own it's pretty basic but I hope everyone enjoys it!. 5 Aug This may NOT be a mIRC problem but here goes. I have downloaded a trivia quiz bot. Downloaded mIRC. Put the bot files into mIRC.

10 [+ntrl] Welcome to #Trivia! -- Register your nick for the best experience -- To report a bad question, private message Trivia:!wrong. 28 Apr I already put the electricianwichitaks.com and electricianwichitaks.com in the folder C:\Users\user\ AppData\Roaming\mIRC\ (the same as directory Trivia Dir), but still. if ($1 == on) { set %trivia on | set %botnick $?= "Bot's nick?" | echo -a Trivia ON | return }. if ($1 == off) { set %trivia off | unset %botnick | echo -a Trivia OFF | return } . BogusTrivia is a rich full featured trivia script for Eggdrop. Written in the TCL language, it was originally designed to mimic the popular mIRC trivia, making a. 19 Mar Trivia Script: You need a electricianwichitaks.com file in your mirc directory for this to work! In electricianwichitaks.com this is the syntax: question:answer:hint heres an.

This is a project for implementing a good trivia bot/script for the popular irc client mIRC with a PHP front end to use it via HTTP. Some features: persistent hall of. 18 Oct Tats Trivia is a trivia game (quiz bot) written in MSL and to be run in mIRC. After the script has been installed, the trivia game output can be. I have recently started to take up mIRC again after a couple of years of recess and I can't remember a script I used to my bot to create a fairly simple trivia game. 21 Jun Also if you need an eggdrop tcl trivia script for IRC I do recommend: I have been using your trivia script in mIRC to play trivia on my electricianwichitaks.com


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